Work Package 1

Project management and coordination – led by the European Alliance Against Depression

Objectives of WP1 are: 

  • To coordinate all activities in the project and ensure that partners work together effectively 
  • To facilitate the scientific and research development and success of the project
  • To integrate the multidisciplinary perspectives and facilitate effective collaboration
  • To ensure the project meets its contractual commitments
  • To predict, mitigate and overcome research-related risks
  • To maximise the impact and broader value of the project, both during its lifetime and beyond

Work Package 2

Dissemination of project – led by Végeken Egészséglélektani Alapítvány

Objectives of WP2 are:

  • To work across the project to build on the extensive networks of all consortium partners.

  • To deliver a cohesive dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy and plan .

Work Package 3

Evaluation of intervention – led by KU Leuven

Objectives of WP3 are:

To design an evaluation plan and data collection in the eight intervention countries to determine and report on the following questions:

  • To what extent did all planned activities take place in the eight intervention countries?

  • What is the quantity (how many) and the quality (how well) of the activities implemented in each country?
To what extent did the 4-level model generate desired and intermediate outcomes in each country?

  • To support the intervention countries in ethical aspects and data security

Work Package 4

Preparation of intervention materials in Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy and Poland – led by the European Alliance Against Depression

Objectives of WP4 are:

  • To translate and culturally adapt the existing EAAD 4-level intervention materials

  • To design, print or produce new materials for the general public

  • To prepare baseline and evaluation measurement in close cooperation with WP3 and partners.

Work Package 5

Implementation and transfer of the iFightDepression®-tool and awareness website – led by APS

Objectives of WP5 are:

  • To translate the contents of the iFightDepression®-tool into Bulgarian and Polish and adapt the guide training for these countries

  • To develop online trainings for professional guides (all intervention countries)

  • To implement (Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Estonia) or expand the usage of the iFightDepression®-tool (Spain, Hungary, Greece, Italy)

  • To translate the contents of the iFightDepression® awareness website into Greek and Polish

Work Package 6

Regional network building and implementation of the 4-level intervention concept in Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy and Poland – led by ERSI

Objectives of WP6 are:

  • To lead regional network building – recruiting allies and integrating relevant institutions, patrons and stakeholders into the network to deliver activites across all four levels.

Work Package 7

Transfer of the 4-level intervention model in Ireland, Hungary and Spain – led by CIBER

Objectives of WP7 are:

  • Promotiong and expanding the 4-level intervention concept to further regions in each country by supporting those keen to start their own regional community based 4-level intervention

  • Establishing a national coordinator and support network to ensure the sustainability of achieved results