Greek activities in December

Our partners at EPAPSY had a productive December, promoting EAAD’s mission and tools to the public.

All Star Game: The basketball All-Star Game is an annual competition between Greek and foreign basketball players. EPAPSY’s information booth, with various actions and surprises (distribution of informational material, promotion of the Website – QR codes Scanner ,animated Video projections etc.) distributed mental health information and promoted EAAD’s tools. EAAD’s mental health services users’ basketball team participated on 3×3 basketball championship and won the Cup! Congratulations EPAPSY!

Christmas bazaar: EPAPSY participated in the mental Health Users Christmas Bazaar in the central square of Chalandri. Quests from the Local Association of Family and Friends for Mental Health was there also. They talked to the public, exchanged ideas, and spread informed about the program. A valuable exchange of ideas and information around the Christmas Holidays!