ImpleMentAll (H2020-funded, 2017 – 2021): Partners EAAD, CMZP, CCHW participate in this project developing a toolkit for tailored implementation of evidence-based eHealth interventions, tested with interventions for mental disorders in the EU and Australia. The “Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in Occupational Settings” project will have access to the eHealth interventions used in ImpleMentAll, to optimise and tailor these to the construction, health and ICT SMEs.

MENTUPP – Improving workplace mental health in the construction, health and ICT sectors Horizon 2020 project. 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2023 The project’s primary aim is to improve mental health in the workplace by developing, implementing and evaluating a multilevel intervention targeting mental health difficulties in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the construction, health and ICT sectors. The secondary aim is to reduce depression and suicidal behaviour. EAAD-Best partners participating MENTUPP project are: EAAD, NSRF, KU Leuven and VEA. Click here for further information on MENTUPP.

Optimising suicide prevention programs and their implementation in Europe (OSPI-Europe, FP7-funded, 2008 – 2013): Involving partners EAAD, KU LEUVEN, STIRLING, SEM and NSRF, OSPI-Europe provided an evidence-based concept for suicide prevention with concrete materials and instruments for running and evaluating interventions, as well as recommendations for intervention implementation.

OSPI-Europe provided the basis for the Preventing Depression and Improving Awareness through Networking in the EU project (PREDI-NU, EC Framework Health Programme, 2011 – 2014), where a number of partners (EAAD, UCC, NSRF, KU LEUVEN, SEM, NMAHP-RU, LSE) participated to develop an internet-based guided self-management tool for mild to moderate depression.

The iFightDepression® tool and website ( are publicly available and will be adapted to SME needs within the “Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in Occupational Settings” project. The concept, approach, tools and partner expertise from PREDI-NU and OSPI-Europe will be incorporated into the intervention development, implementation and assessment.