Hungary – Opening event in Szentendre

On World Mental Health Day, the “Public Foundation for a Healthy City” organized a symposium in Szentendre, which was also the opening event of EAAD in Szentendre district.

András Székely, EAAD’s Hungarian representative, said that the European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD) wants to start a local collaboration in several regions in order to improve mental health, and they have found a partner in this with the events organizers.

State Secretary Eszter Vitályos, the area’s parliamentary representative, greeted the guests in a letter. The main patron of the event was Zsolt Fülöp, mayor of Szentendre. Katalin Ger cs, the president of the “Public Foundation for a Healthy City”, Annamária Pázmány, the first president and founding member of the public foundation, and Dr. Zsuzsa Nagy, the medical director of SZEI, gave a presentation at the event.